12-Year-Old Activist

May 26, 2009 at 2:33 pm Leave a comment

When 12 year old Dustin was looking for a community service project, he wanted to find something that would combine his dual passions: animals, and solar energy. So, proving that he had more moxie than most adults, he “made an initial business presentation” about the benefits of solar to the CEO of the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, explaining the fact that installing solar systems would have a future payoff. Then he approached Namasté Solar, about whether their granting program could help make it happen. When the Center for ReSource Conservation (CRC) later received an anonymous donation and asked Namasté, a community partner, about projects that deserved funding, Dustin’s project was on their mind. Together, the two organizations were able to cover 100% of the cost of a solar array.

Says Dustin:

“It was exciting – we had a sheet with costs showing where all of the money was coming from. Usually, the section ‘what you have to pay’ is a bigger number, but for the Humane Society, it was $0. We had found ways to fully pay for their system, and that meant there was more money for the animals.”

Aside from the 18000 lbs of emissions savings, the Humane Society can expect an annual energy savings of $800. Because of a 12 year old boy with a superhero complex.

Via Yellows and Blues.


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