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1000 year Chandelier

Everyone’s heard that styrofoam takes 1000 years to break down, but we still use it for coffee cups and packaging. The least we can do is upcycle. Eric Lawrence just won the Sustainable Prize in Design Within Reach Austin’s M+D+F competition for his beautiful chandelier made out of the styrofoam packing material from Apple laptops.
It reminds me of all those crazy 70’s plastic lamps-of-the-future.

styrofoam chandelier

chandelier view

via Make.


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Inspiring Upcycling: Electricity-Free Lighting

It’s the simplicity of this project that makes it so beautiful. A man in Brazil is using soda bottles to light his workshop during the day (they’re rated at 50 watts!). This would never work in our climate, but I would love the opportunity to see pop bottles sticking out of people’s houses.

Via Make.

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