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Who doesn’t like free food?

I’ve had these pics on my computer for a while now, but I’ve been trying to document my adventures in urban foraging.  Almost a month ago, I spent the afternoon finding wonderful free food, like elderflowers, wild garlic scapes, wild grape leaves, mullberries, wild cherries, and black raspberries.


I couldn’t help but brag about this when I visited my friend Alex in Toronto, so we went on an urban foraging walk.  And so I present to you:

Things you don’t expect to find in a park in Toronto.

Namely, food. (more…)


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“Wild Girl”: Urban Foraging

Any blog that starts with: “Both the white and blue flowers in the photo above are camas. The white one will kill you, but the blue one is food,” is a blog worth reading, regardless. But what’s even cooler is when that blog is about a woman living off nothing but urban foraging for a week: finding food in sidewalks, parks, and natural areas in the heart of Portland. I am very happy when I get the chance to add foraged food to my meals (it’s like a free food treasure hunt!), but it takes moxy to eat nothing but.

“I’m interested in foraging as a way to connect with the land and explore a fundamental aspect of what it means to be human,” [Becky] Lerner said. “It’s also a valuable survival skill: Should the trappings of modernity become unavailable to us one day, knowing how to find food without grocery stores or even farms will surely come in handy.”

Here’s the photo of the deadly/tasty plants, in case you’re hungry:
this white one will kill you

I’ll try to identify as many local wild foods as I can photograph for you this summer 🙂 Stay tuned. But in the mean time, here’s a gem from the press release:

Lerner readily admits that her pesco-vegetarianism is in question. She will face the decision of whether to endure a vegetable fast — or else eat insects, go fishing or even consider dining on roadkill.

Check out the article on City Farmer, or the press release.

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