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Because everyone loves cartoons…

A lovely parable.

In spite of the oversimplification, this is the heart of living lime, I think. Introspection, and balance. Think very carefully about what is important to you because that’s what matters. This is a pretty good representation of what is important to me, except that I dislike fish and fishing 🙂

Via Transition Communities.


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Friday Night at the Museum

Museum Underground is reclaiming Museum London for a new generation. Like this Friday at 9:30-1:30, with Friday Night at the Museum. Check it out!

Friday May 1


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Raingutter gardens

I am stunned by the ingenuity of these re-purposed rain gutter gardens. They are an excellent way to increase your gardening space. They’re perfect the perfect size for growing herbs, leeks, and lettuce. Plus they’re beautiful to look at–they’d look amazing with trailing nasturtiums. raingutter gardens


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Inspiring Upcycling: Electricity-Free Lighting

It’s the simplicity of this project that makes it so beautiful. A man in Brazil is using soda bottles to light his workshop during the day (they’re rated at 50 watts!). This would never work in our climate, but I would love the opportunity to see pop bottles sticking out of people’s houses.

Via Make.

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Spring Makeover: Our expanding Urban Homestead.

This weekend we removed the last of our grass, making way for more food. Grass represents things that I’m not into, not the least of which is mowing. Last year, an old Italian lady asked me, as I offered her herloom black cherry tomatos from my front yard, “Don’t you have a back yard?” Now I can answer that with, “You should see how much food I can grow back there!”
The Urban Homestead says that it’s best to avoid tilling, but sadly, we are too lazy busy to dig it up by hand. This means more maintenance work later, but at least I can get right in there. And it’s so satisfying to look at 🙂

That’s sawdust, not dead grass. Excellent soil additive! You can see the tiny patch of dirt around the perimeter that I used last year.


I was so happy to tromp around in the fresh dirt 🙂

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Space Broccoli: Gardens on the Moon?

Because shipping food from California isn’t far enough, scientists are working toward deploying miniature pressurized greenhouses on the surface of the moon by 2012. This is absolutely a fascinating endeavour, but perhaps we should be expending our efforts on sustainably growing food on our own planet?

Read the article on Inhabitat

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Britain Waves Goodbye to Magical Forests

Conservationists suggest that by the end of the century, the UK will see traditional orchards disappear, due to the trend of uprooting orchards to build or plant arable crops. Traditional orchards, being pesticide free trees that are given room to grow and fall where they stand, and provide grazing space for livestock, are being replaced by chemically treated trees. That means a loss not only of biodiversity, but also of rare varieties of apples.

“Traditional orchards have become an extremely rare and precious habitat. We need to do something to stop this decline. Orchards bring people and wildlife together. It’s about food, the culture behind them, the heritage. They are magical places to be in.”

Read the article in The Guardian

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